Cognitive Engineering Lab
Sample of Mathematical Cognitive Tools

These used to run directly in the browser but now you must run them from the prompt. I'm just crudely hacking some old pages to provide access to the old programs. Download "all.jar" and some data directories

Archimedean Kaleidoscope (AK) AK_image An interactive object that allows for interacting with 3D shapes that have symmetries related to the platonic solids. (screen capture)
java -classpath "all.jar" morey.ak.Kaleidoscope

Archimedean Confection (AC) AC_image An interactive tool that illustrates the interconnected nature of the Archimedean solids through visual exploration. (screen capture)
java -classpath "all.jar" morey.ak.AC

Polyvise Polyvise_image A 4D polytope explorer that employs a number of interactive visualization techniques to aid in handling the complexity associated with these informationally rich structures. (screen capture)
java -classpath "all.jar" morey.ak.Polyvise

This has to be in the directory PolyviseDat.

A 3DLattice Viewer lattice_image A tool for exploring 3D lattices generated by finite state machines. (screen capture)
java -classpath "all.jar" morey.lattice.LatticeNavigator k

This has to be in the directory latticeDat.

TileLand tileland_image A primary school tool for generating patterns using regular polygons. (screen capture)
java -classpath "all.jar" morey.spore.TLMain

PolygonRnD PolygonRnD_image A programming environment based on regular polygons that can be used to create elaborate tilings. (screen capture)
java -classpath "all.jar" morey.spore.StandAlone

This has to be in the directory codeExt.